Welcome to the official DCP website, Rock Music For a New Era! In the Year 1989 David Clerest decided to combine
his talents as a drummer, bass player, guitarist and vocalist to create his music project . His first band which was
formed in 1985 desolved in 1989, and this is when the idea for
David Clerest Project was born.
As a one man band, David brings a whole new perspective to songs by bands like
Judas Priest, Metallica and
Iron Maiden
David Clerest performed extensively from 1990 to
year 2003. He released the album Mission:Earth in
1999. That album was re-mastered and re-released
in 2001. DCP released a new Album in 2011 and did a
tour of Europe to promote it. Three singles were released by
Clerest Records

David Clerest was born in a musical family. He Played
drums since childhood and got his first drum kit at age 4.
He picked up the guitar at age 13. David programs the
drum machine and pre-records the bass guitar to use as
back up tracks. On stage he plays both rhythm and lead
guitar, and vocals. Watching DCP
is an inspiring and uplifting experience. David is a crusade
for social and environmental justice, and this is reflected
in his song writing. He recorded his CD Mission:Earth (1998)
using solar power. The concept of green energy was not popular
at that time!
David also designed and built his own accoustic guitars.
See his hand made accoustic guitars by
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